The Wilding (Original)

The Wilding – Original
by Margot Edwards | Copyright 2018
Narrated by Fiona Press
12mins 44secs


Original tale in magic realism genre, exploring collective feminine empowerment in the face of masculine domination; Old Witch Mother, Hearth Sister, The Wild One – archetypes weaving a powerful web to paralyse and dissolve the dominating masculine Demon.

As wandering ‘story gatherer’ at an annual International Women’s Day event at Fair Harvest in Margaret River, I scribed women’s individual impulse responses to authentic aspects/issues affecting womanhood. I then wove these ‘threads’ into a story/myth for performance-based telling – concepts of sisterhood, the complexity of sexual and survival relationships; using metaphors in Nature; reflecting anger at domestic violence, harassment, manipulation, denigration.

With women now standing collectively against the tyranny of sexism and misogyny, the theme of reconnection with feminine power drawn from both wildness and nurture, of self and Nature, resilience, resistance, held space by mothers and daughters, corresponds on a societal level with rising feminine global / extinction rebellion movements.

Click here to read the full transcript.

Link to purchase & download the audio file coming soon.

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