Wednesday’s Garden

Written, compiled and designed by Shelley Cullen, Margot Edwards and Peter Rigby, with memories collected from the Organic Garden community, Wednesday’s Garden is a delectable, collectible insight into the heart of the “Margaret River garden”.

If ever a community, were to celebrate their sense of place, Wednesday’s Garden does this with style and substance.

This superb full colour book tells the 30 year story of WA’s beautiful Margaret River Organic Garden, an eclectic paradise, with sustainability and connectivity at its heart.

Wednesday’s Garden is packed full of beautiful garden photographs and a narrative both soaring and simple. We meet the past, present and future in the fight to protect the Spirit Mercurialis, in a town that is often at odds over the ever-encroaching dilemma of Nature versus development. Every Wednesday, the gardeners of Margaret River have come together to plant and sow, to dig and reap, to design and create every pathway, sculpture, sign and saying in the garden. Every weekend, people of all walks of life come together at the Garden Cafe and every other day, the garden grows shady sanctuary and safe space for anyone who wanders in.