The Wilding

The Wilding is a tale of magic realism arising through International Women’s Day, which empowers us to stand together and enact “no more” in the context of violence against women, and violence against our planet.

From it has sprung The Wilding Stories – an audio storytelling project, designed to reach people in all stages of life, across the globe; told and retold by powerful women’s voices in powerful ways. The Wilding Stories opens a safe story space for listening and response, to engage many in this vital conversation.

Appearing at numerous Western Australian arts festivals in 2021 as audio installation and associated workshops, the aim is to empower survivors, sisters, women’s allies, creatives and influential advocates.

Please feel welcome to share The Wilding Stories, in any or all its versions, to those with whom it may resonate.

My huge thanks to those who have come on board to create The Wilding Stories thus far and we welcome you to join and include us to retell, interpret and/or give feedback.

“We are women, we are willing, we are one…”

Copyright 2020 The Wilding Stories is an independent project, and received the support of the BREC Artist Residency 2019. Recording support via BRECsessions through LotteryWest.

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Acknowledging the Wardandi people, on whose country I live and work, in respect for their ancestors past, and the present and future traditional custodians of this place. 
In constant awe of their age-old custodianship practices and intrinsic respect of kin and country about which I am daily learning; here on Wooditjup and throughout their ancient land.

Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

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